996D هوت اير

6.400 EGP
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فى حالة عدم الدفع المسبق
يتم الدفع مسبقا 12% من قيمة السلعة لتفادى عملية عدم الاستلام والجدية فى الشراء والحجز المسبق
وتحسب كالاتى ثمن السلعة الفعلى  × 12 ÷ 100
فودافون كاش 01004682935

in the event of non-prepayment
Payment is made in advance of 12% of the value of the commodity to avoid the process of non-receipt and seriousness in purchasing and pre-booking
The actual price of the commodity is calculated as follows x 12 ÷ 100
Vodafone Cash 01004682935


Product Characteristics:

  1. Multifunctional Integrated Desoldering Maintenance System Combined.by Rework Station and Soldering Station.
  2. The core of the whole machine controlled by the single and microwave chip to make sure of temperature accuracy and stability of rework station and soldering station; not simply combined by the two equipments.
  3. Clear digital display of the current working temperature and conditions
  4. Temperatures of rework station and soldering station continuously adjusted by digital buttons to meet the needs in different workplaces.
  5. The two stations can work separately.
  6. Intuitive fault indication function.
  7. LED digital display, anti-static handle.

Rework Station:

  • Working Voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
  • Output Power: 700W
  • Temperature Range: 100°C~450°C
  • Temperature Stability: ±5°C
  • Air Flow: 120L/min (max)

Soldering Station:

  • Output Power: 50W
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Temperature Range: 200°C-450°C
  • Temperature Stability: ±2°C(static)
  • Ground Impedance: <2 Ohm
  • Ground Voltage: <3mV


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